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Our aim at UCAA is to provide the most in depth and thorough Auto Appraisal Certification program available. This covers all aspects of USPAP guidelines, different types of vehicles, what to look for and document, how to assess a value, different types of appraisals and their uses, and much more. Once completed, we will stick with you to assist in any further questions, marketing of your business (should you go into business for yourself), deals with our connections, updates to any standards or ethics changes, job listings, and an open forum where fellow appraisers can assist each other 24 hours a day. This training goes above and beyond what others offer, and the assistance after the certification has been earned is just as, if not more valuable than the certification itself. 



Anyone can be a Member of UCAA, but to be UCAA Certified, you must complete all online training, coursework and score a 75% or higher on the final exam. You will also be required to perform practice Inspections and Appraisals, so we can assist you in formatting, including pertinent information, and covering yourself and your company legally. All completed UCAA Certifications come with complimentary membership.  Other benefits include:


In depth training on USPAP guidelines. 

Appraisal writing.

Different types of appraisals. 

UCAA Certification in PDF and printed official copy mailed to you for framing.

Social media blast announcing your certification and contact info to help get you started.

UCAA membership (and all included benefits).

Much more, and we strive to constantly improve the benefits for our members. 


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Already a Certified Automotive Appraiser but want to become a member of UCAA? Not a problem! Members enjoy these benefits:


Open Forums with other Certified Appraisers.

Deals and discounts.

Monthly UCAA Newsletter.

Updates on changing laws and USPAP Guidelines.

Advertising of your business.

Listing on the “Find an Appraiser” tab.

Assistance in Social Media advertising and SEO.

Job Listings for certified auto appraisers.

A network of peers that will refer and recommend you to customers. 

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